Local content Marketing is mandatory for your presence in Germany. It exposes your ambitions to the new market actors, which may be customers, competitors or suppliers.

Considering this, we will do what´s necessary to establish thought leadership in Germany / the German-speaking countries to make you become an expert in your selected field and build local loyalty. You will be able to reach potential customers before, during, and after events. You get access to a pipeline of local leads that have shown dedication to your area of interest
We drive press attention and create opportunities for syndication with partners. We produce evergreen content and extend your reach and see leads generated for months after the original publication. We build community and establish your credibility as a brand that educates potential customers and audiences interested in your area of expertise. You gain the share of voice on social media in Europe / the German-speaking countries.

As we drown out the noise by creating impactful, entertaining, and informative content, we strengthen your brand’s visual identity in Germany by creating easily-digestible, high-value research that reinforces your brand standards and turns customers into advocates and arms them with this highly shareable content type.

Use Cases in the Sales Planning

  1. Lead Generation in Germany.  Content is used to drive traffic to your website as well as capture leads through forms.
  2. Lead Nurturing in Germany/ the German-speaking countries.  As a lead develops, you must have content that educates and informs in order to develop a robust lead nurturing program.
  3. Lead Scoring. Lead scoring should be based on how a prospect interacts with the content on your website and through nurturing campaigns.
  4. Risk Mitigation. Content marketing develops trust by providing the buyer with information that will help them make the right decision. This allows them to reduce both organizational and personal risk.