Competitive monitoring insights help you to make better business decisions.

Use cases are

  • Local Buying Patterns, Pain Points, Trigger Events
  • Potential Bridgehead Clients in your target market
  • Potential Bridgehead Partners (pre-, post-sales)
  • Competition (global, local)

We will

  • find local niches that are underserved.
  • find potential customers, already looking for products and services like yours.
  • find the opinion leaders & growth partners
  • find your initial bridgehead clients
  • validate your value proposition

Discover who you should be doing business with

The Opportunity Assessment provides a structured, repeatable method for assessing your current sales opportunity. This sales aid will help you qualify opportunities faster and more effectively by analyzing them from the most critical customer, business, and competitive perspectives.

Our Target Market Research will give you a clear understanding of the barriers to adoption in the new market. We will help you to tackle your key initiatives, save money with smarter partnering.

More Use-Cases:

  • Discover your next customer, competitor, or partner
  • Discover their hidden agenda – an upcoming strategy
  • Discover your next market, acquisition, or investment idea

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I have served media and tech firms from Israel, US and Scandinavia for 20+ years. My sector expertise is Digital Platforms, especially Mobile & Connected Services.