The value of hiring a specialist

Why does it pay to work with a go-to-market specialist?  The Value Calculator is measuring the financial benefits (Return On Investment) of working with an independent expert. The ideal candidate has an own corporate infrastructure but gives you access to potential local customers & partners and service providers. There´s little sense in kicking off operations without preparation.

What makes us special?

We are precisely designed to serve an ambitious international tech firm, going after the European market potential with a connected service; especially in the early stage. Their common challenges are that there are no real insights and operational framework available – as they are in your home market. They can´t be sure if they know all the critical market patterns and obstacles. They can´t be sure that the individuals and organizations they talk to give them unbiased feedback.

Here is where we bring the professional insights and tools they need. We are not exposed to hidden interest and align our business model with our clients. We start lean but scale fast, as we know precisely, how to team with service platforms and use automation.

  • Straight Forward Performance Driven
  • No Corporate Bias
  • No Cultural Bias

We provide:

  • A transparent go-to-market process and service suite
  • Project tracking for a distributed organization
  • C-level network & tech expert network
  • Local student & local partner network
  • Testimonials & endorsements


Famous Red Adair Quote about the waste of budget when compromising on quality


What makes us different?

We have been in your shoes!

  • 10+ years with global brands like Bertelsmann, Mars, and Microsoft
  • 10+ years of tech startups – data, ad tech, mobile & connected services
  • 20+ years international roles – p&l, teams in the U.S. EMEA, APAC
  • 200+ Mio. direct revenue responsibility
  • Cross culture software development

We know the pitfalls

  • We know how to handle cultural differences
  • We know how to start companies on a shoestring budget
  • We know how to handle communication with stakeholders that have a limited attention span or technical understanding
  • We know how to position and protect tech-driven business models

Value-based pricing quantifies the independent specialists’ contribution´s value to your profitability. Our approach is to match the actual readiness of your organization with the target market´s requirements. Based on our C-level and Expert network, we can help you identify and activate the suitable bridgehead clients. We may provide you with tools and processes for localized content creation and SEO and take care of the service processes in line with your core organization´s requirements.  As we identify the key performance indicators that describe how your business is performing and align our efforts with them. Using this kind of approach value-based pricing means we will no longer discuss packages or billable hours. Instead, our conversation will shift to your goals, desires, challenges, pains, capacities, all the different solutions you have thought about, and how you measure the results you get. In doing so, we intend to become your trusted advisor that helps you become more profitable.

How to start?

  1. Understand Your Readiness – We are using a series of templates to understand your organizations’ concept to support the activities in the new region.
  2. Understand The Target Market Requirements – We are using a series of templates to understand the map the buy side, sell side and competition of the local target market. We will identify the key stakeholders, buying centers and buying processes. We need a briefing about your ambitions – can be a conference call –
  3. We will match the research to identify bridgehead customers – This is hands-on sales and business development. The efforts and schedule highly depend on the readiness of the tools required (distribution strategy, distribution framework).

Contact me today if

  • Germany is an important target market for you
  • You don´t know the local market conditions
  • Your industry´s specific risk of failure is high
  • You are facing aggressive competition
  • You want to move fast



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I have served media and tech firms from Israel, US and Scandinavia for 20+ years. My sector expertise is Digital Platforms, especially Mobile & Connected Services.