Value-based Pricing

Why we ask for Value based Pricing

Value-based pricing quantifies Sembassy´s contribution´s value to your profitability. UsingValue-based pricing means we will no longer discuss packages or billable hours. Instead, our conversation will shift to your goals, desires, challenges, pains, capacities, all the different solutions you have thought about, and how you measures the results you get. In doing so, Sembassy intends to become your trusted advisor that really helps you become more profitable.

Sembassy has all it needs to bring your business to the European Union. With minimal additional corporate infrastructure you get access to potential local customers & partners. We give your business an immediate European market presence. There are two basic ways we add profit to a your bottom line: deliver more revenue or save money.

If this is your challenge:

  • You don´t know the local target market yet
  • Your industry´s specific risk of failure is high
  • You are facing aggressive competition
  • You need to move fast

This is what we provide:

  • Go to market process from e.g. Microsoft
  • Project tracking for distributed organization
  • C-level network & tech expert network
  • Local student & local partner network
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