Barriers to Adoption and how to deal with them

Barriers To Adoption when going to market

The “Fair Process” concept is key to overcome barriers to adoption. When the fair process is exercised in the strategy formulation phase, people trust that a level playing field exists, inspiring voluntary cooperation during the execution phase. For a decision process to be seen as fair, the people affected must have the opportunity to give input and possibly to influence the decision, and the decision process and rationale must be transparent and clear.

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Sales Planning for Software Companies

Sales Planning to keep resources required to an absolute minimum but still meeting the need

The Sales Planning process is designed to keep the resources required to an absolute minimum. Our focus is on business implementation and our approach is modular. Our process can be started at any stage in the life cycle of a software company taking advantage of previous business planning and implementation efforts.  1 – Sales Planning…

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Scenario-based Go To Market

Scenarios - stories about people and what they do

Scenarios are stories about people and what they do. They are short and specific illustrations of a generalized interaction design with a system. Most often, they consist of a few paragraphs that describe what a sample customer might do.  Determine who the key customers are and design a solution that meets their needs. Find out…

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