Scenarios are stories about people and what they do.

They are short and specific illustrations of a generalized interaction design with a system. Most often, they consist of a few paragraphs that describe what a sample customer might do.

Determine who the key customers are and design a solution that meets their needs.

Find out who the customers are

Determine their goals

Analyze the tasks they perform to meet goals

Narrate the interactions

Determine the business goals

Create the branding bridge

Sembassy´s Custom Research gives you all insights required

A dedicated and targeted market analysis via interviewing selected potential customers will make any market entry decisions stand on solid ground. Sembassy will gather information such as main competitors, their approaches, market size, dominating technologies, and price structures. (e.g…What are your potential customers currently using? When are your potential customers planning to change? Who is currently supplying them?


Scenario driven customer and partner profiles

To understand the target customers in Europe / Germany, their goals, and their needs, we conduct marketing and customer research and discover who our users are through these methods. Activities include the following: