Sales Initiatives

Sales initiatives are local marketing intelligence, direct marketing, and media and analysts programs to support your lead generation

Sales Initiatives Modules

Sales Initiatives to develop your business in the european union
Market Intelligence
Media Program
Media Program
Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing


Bootcamps are workshops to jumpstart your go to market initiatives and an integral part of Sembassy´s Sales Initiatives

Market intelligence

Market Intelligence is a done-for-you service and usually part of our market audit. We leverage paid research, realtime analytics, and 4000 professional business contacts.

Market intelligence - black ops

While working at Atlas Solutions, Microsoft, and Smaato I experienced firsthand the torture of understanding industries internationally. To help clients, we launched the market-intelligence in "stealth mode" and answer questions about local market conditions and competition.

Media and analyst program

Our media & analyst program promotes clients and makes them seem as successful, honest, important, exciting or relevant as possible.

Direct marketing program

Our direct marketing program gives you precise information about local customers that enable you to provide additional value through new targeted products and services.

A StartUp, e.g. selling inexpensive services to customers can easily offer freemium or try & buy

A High Ticket, e.g. selling selling mission critical information technology solutions to companies

How to shop?

Sales initiatives are done for you services and available for 6+ months minimum engagements. The pricing model is a retainer plus equity or a success based compensation.

Sales initiatives for startups

  • 1

    Business Model Canvas

    We are using a reduced version of the business model canvas, called the "Product first Canvas for Lean Startups". The Minimum Viable Canvas is adapted from Lean Canvas (
    and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Un-ported License.

Minimum Viable Product Canvas
  • 2

    Work Order

    1. Problem
    2. Unique Value Proposition
    3. Solution
    4. Cost Structure
    5. Key Metrics (How are you going to test the value proposition?)

  • 3

    Product Development in 3 Stages

    1. Low Fidelity Minimum Viable Product
    2. High Fidelity Minimum Viable Product (Beta)
    3. Launch

Sales initiatives for a High Ticket Software Sale

  • 1

    Value Proposition

    Your starting point of the process. How do you ensure that provide more customer value than the alternatives available to your customers.

  • 2

    Distribution Strategy

    A thorough analysis of the sales and marketing channels and processes for your type of product or solution and provides a foundation for making implementable and realistic decisions concerning distribution

  • 3

    Organization Assessment

    This will enable you to make the required adjustments (development or changes) to your staff and your organizational structures.

  • 4

    Technology Assessment

    This will enable you to handle and manage the product and technology-related requirements arising from a sales channel.

  • 5

    Market Outlook & Forecast

    Trends which sooner or later will affect all relevant markets

  • 6

    Market Analysis – Demand Side and Supply Side

    Insight into what your potential customers are currently using and when they are planning to change.

  • 7

    Distribution Framework Definition

    Programs and the legal agreements required to enable the internal organization to successfully implement the distribution strategy