Well defined objectives ensure the mutual value exchange between partners:

  1. Objective 1: Drive Product Value.
    A relationship that enhances an end product to provide value to existing users/customers and/or attracts new ones
  2. Objective 2: Drive Reach.
    A relationship that attracts new customers/users by leveraging another audience of the customer base. Because it provides more value to existing customers/ Users. / Channel Partnership – When 2 Companies with similar user profiles form a relationship, where one company introduces the other product or service to their audience
  3. Objective 3: Drive Brand Value.
    A relationship that enhances the brand- positive brand association



Well defined rules for value-based engagements are:

  1. Rule: Market sizing and KPI monitoring are a precondition
  2. Rule: Fair process & Tools for decentralized organizations
  • Google Suite & Zoom helps us to move faster 
  • Meetings are pre-planned, No decisions are made last minute.
  • Parties remain independent but contribute to agreed objectives.
  • We agree to report metrics and use them as success barometer
  • We conduct post-mortem after any activity