Reasons For Failure

From lack of product-market fit to disharmony on the team, CBInsights has broken down the top 20 reasons for failure.

Top 10 Reasons For Failure

  • Building a solution looking for a problem, i.e., not targeting a “market need”
  • Ran out of cash
  • Not the right team
  • Get outcompeted
  • Pricing/Cost Issues
  • A “User Un-Friendly” Product
  • I got this product. Now I just need a business model
  • Poor Marketing
  • Being inflexible and not actively seeking for using customer feedback
  • Release product at the wrong time

Reasons 11-20 For Failure

  • Lose Focus
  • Disharmony with Investors/Co-founders
  • Pivot Gone Bad
  • Lack Passion and Domain Expertise
  • Location, Location, Location
  • No Financing or Interested Investors
  • Legal Challenges
  • Do not use your connections or network
  • Burn Out
  • Failure to pivot when necessary

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