The readiness assessment is key to ensure project success, adequacy, and training of the personnel, and supply and reserve of support services or systems.


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Planning Readiness

Check, how well your company is already prepared to support business ambitions in the new region. Three simple questions about your Value Proposition, Distribution Strategy, and Distribution Framework.  Click here to challenge your Planning Process to open a typeform.

Target Market Readiness

Check the knowledge of the target market. You are obviously familiar with market structure & requirements in your home market but may have to realize different conditions in your target market. Click here to challenge your Target Market Insights to open a typeform.

The good news: We are here to help you out!

You may identify some room for improvement with your existing go-to-market planning process or target market insights. We are here to help you with the best available tools and processes and a network of local executives, and industry specialists. We have been in your shoes before, know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Just connect and I will personally walk you through the process in detail and am happy to provide you with relevant testimonials. - click to connect now.

We have been in your shoes!

  • 10+ years with global brands like Bertelsmann, Mars, and Microsoft
  • 10+ years of tech startups - data, ad tech, mobile & connected services
  • 20+ years international business roles - direct p&l, teams in the U.S. EMEA, APAC
  • 200+ Mio. direct revenue responsibility
  • Virtual organization & cross culture software development teams

We know the pitfalls

  • We know how to manage cultural differences
  • We know how to start companies on a shoestring budget
  • We know how to manage communication with stakeholders that have a limited attention span or technical understanding
  • We know how to position and protect tech-driven business models


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