Point Of Sale Intelligence

Sembassy´s Point of Sale Intelligence lets you see things through the user´s eyes. The community checks any PoS, using their smartphones to provide us with geo tagged, time stamped photos.


Having little information about availability and placement of products in local stores leads to out of stock situations, inaccurate pricing and wrong placements. Inefficient marketing operations and losses in sales are the consequence. Our client wanted to ensure, if his brands are available in all stores, and the level of implementation of the promotional and sales material implementation.


Sembassy tailored a dedicated research plan and hired the service community, to check the availability, pricing and presentation of products. The community did display audits, checked product availability, promotional compliance, and competitor activity in 700+ stores. Sembassy took care of the project and quality management and delivered a structured management report.

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    Typically a Skype session to agree on the scope of the project and the deliveries. Sembassy´s project manager will assist you with the best practices and provide a customized proposal

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    PoS Audits

    When the solutions terms are agreed on, the service community gets to work. 200.000+ crowdworkers check physical outlets (retail or special interest). Sembassy runs quality checks and provide custom reporting to you

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    Reporting & Iteration

    Sembassy management reporting and strategy coaching

Blau (formerly blau.de) is the premium brand of the Hamburg based company blau Mobilfunk GmbH and part of Telefonica Germany. Blau offers award winning voice and data services that are sold in more than 30.000 retail outlets. This makes blau the widest available mobile service provider in Germany. Our success relies on our ability to efficiently steer activities in physical retail. Sembassy´s retail monitoring helps us to survey and control our retail activities countrywide in real-time. Ongoing monitoring of our own brand presence helps us to avoid out-of-stocks, check pricing, promotions and positioning. In addition to that the Sembassy monitoring provides us immediately with crucial information like pricing and promotion from the most relevant competitors. We are delighted about Sembassy´s innovative approach and professional proactive client support.

P. Engelke, CEO
P. Engelke, CEO Blau Mobilfunk GmbH (October 2014)