Partner Hub

We are a network of independent individuals, orchestrated by state of the art tools like #slack. Qualified individuals and organizations are welcome to join our C-Level Network, Expert Network, or Student Network.

Mutual value exchange with partners

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    Drive Product Value

    Relationships that enhance an end product to provide value to existing users / customers and / or attracts new ones

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    Drive Reach

    / Distribution deal - to attract customers/users by leveraging someone elsés audience of customer base. Because it provides more value to existing customers/ Users. / Channel Partnership - When 2 Companies with similar user profiles form a relationship, where one company introduces the other product of service to their audience

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    Drive Brand Value

    Relationships that enhance the brand- positive brand association

Rules for partner engagements

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    Metrics driven

    / Metrics are the best barometer for decisions
    / We define metrics before engaging in activities

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    / We set up proper monitoring
    / We conduct post-mortem after any activity
    / We compile a written analysis of the metrics

The fine print

Sembassy operates with complete transparency. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us directly and we will be happy to clarify. Our standards terms of business are as follows.

Sembassy works with partners in three main ways:

  1. we provide the resources necessary to compete for and win international assignments
  2. we introduce new business from our own multinational clients and prospects
  3. we effect simple referrals, when our continuing involvement is not required.

Accreditation, implying an endorsement of the partner´s quality and capabilities, will be at the discretion of Sembassy. If we decide to accredit a partner, we will not publicize that accreditation in the public domain without the partner’s agreement.

We recommend partners to our clients, on the basis of our judgment as to the partner´s suitability for the assignment. We never commit the partner to accepting any assignment without the partner´s clear advance agreement.

If we introduce new client business to any partner we will charge the partner a commission of 5% of the partner´s fee, commission or equivalent income from the client(s) we introduce, for as long as we are providing active support to the partner in servicing the client’s business; or if this is not the case, for one year from the date of the first invoice.

Partners receiving business introductions agree to report their income from these introductions to Sembassy.

In case Sembassy is also retained by the client to manage the client’s account, and in order to protect our own and our clients’ interests, each introduced partner agrees that on request they will sign a standard service agreement covering the usual terms expected by multinational clients, which will include:

  1. confidentiality
  2. financial transparency
  3. the client’s right to intellectual property over work created for and paid for by the client
  4. a requirement for the partner to adhere to the client’s international marketing strategies and corporate communications guidelines
  5. a requirement to report activity using Sembassy’s or the client’s intranet
  6. standard indemnity for Sembassy and the client against damage caused by the partner’s actions
  7. notice period for the resignation of the client’s business and undertaking not to accept competitive assignments before the expiry of such notice


Project tracking for distributed companies - always on top of what´s happening with #blossom, #slack and Co.

Our project tracking gives any stakeholder a clear overview about who’s doing what & why and at the same time it helps us to focus on what matters most. With this we can efficiently manage the whole process in one place, built with simplicity in mind.

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    Learn about #slack

    #slack plays a significant role in our project management. The tool gives distributed teams like Sembassy a massive competitive advantage. So, please have a look at the #slack Q&A-section.
    It´s important to understand the beauty of orchestrated realtime communication between individual experts. #Slack gives our clients and partners confidence, that any involved party treats confidential information in a professional manner. Sembassy and any Sembassy partner will treat confidential information with respect and never compromise on data privacy. Period.

Click here to learn about #slack
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    Choose your preferred role

    Become part of our C-Level Network, Expert Network, or Student Network or simply support our work as external affiliate. Depending on your background and your personal interest, you may join our project teams as a specialist or work with us as an independent advisor.

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    Enjoy your benefits

    Get free access to all our tools and networks and become part of our monetization streams. You probably are familiar with the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization, going from centralized to decentralized networks and finally distributed networks. Our corporation is very much built on this idea.

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