Go-To-Market Implementation Roadmap

Sembassy gives you an immediate market presence in Europe. The implementation roadmap outlines our powerful and structured approach in four waves and comes with optional exit gateways.

Four waves of Implementation

  • 1

    Target Market Analysis / Readiness

    1. We identify the market niches that are under-served.
    2. We build a list of potential customers, looking for products or services like yours.
    3. We identify relevant opinion leaders and suitable growth partners for your business.
    4. We validate the value proposition and acquire initial local bridgehead clients.

  • 2

    First Sales

    1. We market to prospects - possibly using your corporate identity
    2. We focus on the most compelling use case and build the pipeline
    3. We align with local partners and establish initial bridgeheads

  • 3

    Market Penetration

    1. We develop sales capability and broaden our footprint
    2. We scale our direct marketing and direct sales activities
    3. We scale partner alignment to foster our value proposition

  • 4

    Handover to new management - on demand

    We will actively support your ambition to establish your own local corporate infrastructure. You may conduct an unrushed search for the best long term leader for your activities in the new region.

First wave of implementation

  • 1

    Target Market Analysis / Readiness

    Indicative timeline: month 1

  • Why it is important

We will gather information such as main competitors, competitive approaches, market size, dominating technologies, and price structures. (e.g...)

  1. What are your potential customers currently using today?
  2. What were the reasons, they have decided for this service?
  3. When are your potential customers planning to change?
  4. Who is currently supplying your potential customers?
  5. What are their key strengths and key weaknesses?
  • Findings

A dedicated analysis will make your decisions stand on solid ground. Superior insights will protect your investment and shorten time to profit.

  1. What is the size of the European market for your solution?
  2. Which vertical markets and sub-markets to prioritize?
  3. Better choose a direct or indirect sales strategy?
  4. What is the competition in this specific area?...
Custom Research is available as Stand Alone Product

Second wave of implementation

  • 2

    First Sales

    Indicative timeline: month 2-4

  • Business Development

  1. Outbound selling to customer and re-seller prospects using your corporate identity
  2. Build sales pipeline - Focus on early successes and establish local references
  3. Recruit & manage key partners
  • Market Presence

Third wave of implementation

  • 3


    Indicative timeline: months 4-12

  • Business Development

  1. Develop sales capability to meet growing demand
  2. Maintain high level of sales activity
  • Market Presence

  1. Gear up marketing activity to support high growth
  2. Communicate messages for evolving mainstream market
  3. Focus on sales lead generation to maintain momentum
  4. Establish local Company & Offices (when appropriate)

Fourth wave of implementation

  • 4

    Your freedom to scale, pivot or rethink the set-up

    You gain valuable market insights, build trust with local bridgehead customers, strategic partners and understand the local competition. You win valuable time to decide whether to pivot your value-proposition, scale based on hard facts, or in-source operations.

  • Business Development

  1. Maintain high level of sales activity
  2. Supporting the transition to client’s local subsidiary or appointed partners
  • Handover to new management

  1. Conduct an unrushed search for the best leader for your activities in Europe / Germany
  2. Find the candidates who will bring expertise, drive, and industry attention to your firm
  3. Marketing & Message Management
  4. Sales & Revenue Development

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What´s included?

Money Back Guarantee
Custom Research
Content Marketing
Local Presence
Local Sales
/ Analyst & Media Program
/ Direct Marketing Program
Transition on demand

Monthly Fee

* incl. x % media invest + y % Sales Commission
  • Custom Research
  • Content Marketing
  • Local Presence
  • Local Sales
  • / Analyst & Media Program
  • / Direct Marketing Program
  • Transition on demand

All Inclusive Pricing

We allocate 50% of the invoiced retainer in performance media to establish a solid funnel and transparent performance tracking. Think of this as "managed accounts" with local media.

Sembassy.com Full Service Mindmap

How To Start

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Axel's company, Sembassy, has worked with Digital Envoy for several years. Axel is very hard working and results driven, and is always focused on providing top notch service to Sembassy's customers. He has proven to be a valuable resource for our company.

Rob Friedman, Founder and EVP Digital Envoy

Axel is one of those few folks who understands both what the business needs and how the technology needs to support the business. His command of the digital media space, from both technical and business dimensions is truly impressive. And, he's a great human being and a pleasure to work with!

Harald Neidhardt, Founder & Curator MLOVE – Mentor & Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur MLOVE

Axel has an amazing ability to link Mobile Innovation, Social Network Dynamics and their impact on international trade and investment. He is able to connect with and energize an audience, no matter how varied the group may be. At a recent conference that I organized he captured a crowd of media, tech, and online professionals with a presentation on Mobile Monday and its importance on driving innovation and cooperation between mobile developers, international technology companies and other relevant stakeholders. Great to see someone actually living the idea of Global Mobile Business Development

Rainer M. Giersch, Director Business Development Europe Government of British Columbia

Axel is an expert in the German retail business with profound insight and excellent contacts. We appreciated his professionalism and go-getter spirit.

Andreas Cohen, Chairman I-COM Global