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Top Issues US Businesses must tackle when expanding into the EU

Businesses often have the assumption that by not establishing an entity overseas, they will consequently not be bound by the laws and regulations of the markets in which they are operating. This is almost always wrong, especially if you are selling to consumers.

Individuals are generally protected by the laws of their own country whether it is under consumer laws, employee regulations, or data protection rules.

European laws are similar to the US when distinguishing between contractors and employees. Generally, if an individual is under the management and direction of one’s business, occupies office space, has business cards and a business email, they are likely to be categorized as an employee. As well as filing and payroll obligations, the employee is protected by the laws of their country of residence. Therefore, contractors must ensure to provide employees with a local employment contract, as opposed to an American offer letter. Overall, European employment laws offer significant protection to employees. Therefore as an employer, the contract exists to provide you with adequate employer protection and to clarify the terms under which an employee has been hired; and can be fired.

Sembassy does not offer legal advice but supports legal advisors with learnings from 15+ years with US.-based tech firms (especially data, privacy, gambling)

If you are selling to consumers the localization of terms should be considered. You will need to ensure you localize legal terms as well as translate them Into the local language.

The failure to do so will allow complaints to be filed and considered under terms which you have not dictated, and even worse, under terms which have not limited your liability.

B2B contracts do not necessarily need to be legally localized, although they may need to be if negotiating with larger overseas customers that insist their local laws govern the contract.

Europe has strict data protection laws that require businesses which receive or process personal data to follow strict rules regarding its use, receipt and retention.

Specific consent or disclosure must be made to the data owners and may not be transferred outside of the EU without the appropriate registrations to ensure protection and proper use.

Our relevant track record covers 15 years with leaders like Atlas, Microsoft Advertising.

  • Most startups get additional funding for aggressive growth
  • To grow fast these startups need to enter new markets quickly
  • They don´t have an existing organization in the target market
  • They don´t know cultural traps and hidden agendas of the new market
  • They might need to fine tune their home market USP in the new region

We have met these challenge before and know how to deal with them

  • We help clients break through to establish faster EU revenue traction
  • We help clients sharpen positioning and pitch for the EU market
  • We help clients prioritize targets, then approach with client
  • We manage the sales process until each deal is closed
  • Our success is based on delivering revenue results

100+ endorsements from industry leaders on LinkedIn. Among them are top executives from Google, Microsoft, and Blackberry as well as entrepreneurs across the globe.

  • Rainer M. Giersch, Director Business Development Europe Rainer M. Giersch, Director Business Development Europe Government of British Columbia
    Axel has an amazing ability to link Mobile Innovation, Social Network Dynamics and their impact on international trade and investment. He is able to connect with and energize an audience, no matter how varied the group may be. At a recent conference that I organized he captured a crowd of media, tech, and online professionals with a presentation on Mobile Monday and its importance on driving innovation and cooperation between mobile developers, international technology companies and other relevant stakeholders. Great to see someone actually living the idea of Global Mobile Business Development October 15, 2012
  • Rob Friedman, Founder and EVP Rob Friedman, Founder and EVP Digital Element at Digital Envoy
    Axel's company, Sembassy, has worked with Digital Envoy for several years. Axel is very hard working and results driven, and is always focused on providing top notch service to Sembassy's customers. He has proven to be a valuable resource for our company. / July 31, 2006
  • Harald Neidhardt, Founder & Curator Harald Neidhardt, Founder & Curator MLOVE – Mentor & Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur
    Axel is one of those few folks who understands both what the business needs and how the technology needs to support the business. His command of the digital media space, from both technical and business dimensions is truly impressive. And, he's a great human being and a pleasure to work with!
  •  Dr. Jürgen Kassubek,  CEO Helsinki Telekom Deutschland Dr. Jürgen Kassubek, CEO Helsinki Telekom Deutschland HTD - Elisa Group

    Axel was responsible for the Marketing and Product Development for the 18 Elisa city carriers and the nationwide carriers. He coordinated the Marketing & Product related know-how transfer between Helsinki and the German city carrier group and the central product & service roadmap....

    It has been a pleasure having Axel in our management team. I highly recommend him to any other company and investor, willing to implement a structured growth strategy in the wireless telecommunication sector.

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  • Thomas Gronbach, Director Marketing EMEA Thomas Gronbach, Director Marketing EMEA Keynote Systems
    Enterprise Goes Mobile" is an event series reflecting mobile as a resilient, unbreakable component in enterprise business process. It needed a keynote-speaker for its stop in #munichmt. @axelhoehnke combined all requirements for this engagement: mobile leadership, educating decision makers and addressing the mobile developer community. As the event revealed, Axel's keynote-speech was overwhelmingly positive received and trusted among the Central European enterprise mobile community. His long standing experience propels the mobile message to enterprises who then understand that the future of their business cannot circumvent the mobile paradigm. It needed the participation of a thought leader like Axel to make this event successful. I hope my recommendation is as thorough and diligent as Axel's preparation and guidance before the event and his presence at the event. May 25, 2013
  • Marcus S Tan, Managing Director - APAC Marcus S Tan, Managing Director - APAC Smaato Inc
    As VP Strategy and Business Development at Smaato, Axel was a tireless advocate for new approaches to both mobile business and branding. A compelling combination of energy and ideas, his work used psychology to understand organizational behavior and creativity to change it. I’m happy to recommend Axel; he’s an exciting person to be around. Axel presented to the key participants at some Online & Mobile Conferences in Singapore and obtained good reviews for his expertise in mobile advertising, his level of energy and how he challenged the participants in a positive, thought provoking and innovative manner. The title of the presentation was, "Mobile Innovation is changing Media and Offline Industries" October 15, 2012
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  • Markus Zuern, SVP Markus Zuern, SVP e-device
    Axel has a very thorough knowledge of the German market. I was very impressed by his lucid and straight forward thinking business approach. great fun to work with ! August 8, 2006
  • Nils Winkler, CEO and Chairman of the Board Nils Winkler, CEO and Chairman of the Board Yapital, part of the Otto Group
    I know Axel for many years. Axel has both incredible industry vision and the ability to execute on this vision. He also poses the ability to open doors and quickly make key connections. – I highly recommend him for his professional and personal skills. Further, he is a very pleasant and reliable person to work with - I appreciate him on both levels. December, 2014

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