Virtual Office

The Virtual Office Infrastructure refers to a legal entity plus marketing, sales, and customer support processes that allow you to immediately do business in a new region.

Virtual Office - what it means

Office Services, such as hard-wired ethernet connections as well as access to Wi-Fi in all locations. We have flexible access to desks, chairs, desk lamps, business-class printers, location onsite staff, private phone booths, and exclusive rates on shipping.

Value to you: Peace of Mind

No local service scouting, no additional agency, no hospitality-team required. You get access to local services without the extra cost of getting operations organized.

Sembassy´s virtual office is an integral part of our Instant Market Presence

  • MindSpace or WeWork Office Space
  • Sembassy Legal Entity
  • Sembassy Student Network
  • Sembassy Expert Network
  • Sembassy C-Level Network