Market Presence

Working with us gives you an instant market presence and instant access to local infrastructure and our business networks.

Shorten your time to market About Go To Market implementation

Office Infrastructure

The Office Infrastructure refers to a legal entity plus marketing, sales, and customer support processes that allow you to immediately do business in a new region.

C-Level network

The C-level network is a network of Senior Executives who provide valuable feedback and guidance. It is based on 100+ Mobile & IOT Leadership Events we have co-hosted.

Expert network

Real experts are rare and seldom available when you need them. Their expertise can hardly be "bought" from a party that is not trusted. Our Expert-Network is an integral part of Sembassy´s Instant Market Presence.

Student network

The Student network is a network of creative talent and allows Sembassy to scale with project size. The Student network is based on our relationship to Europe´s leading Service Community.

Reasons For Failure


Are there primary reasons for failure?

From lack of product-market fit to disharmony on the team, CBInsights has broken down the top 20 reasons for failure.