Social Web Audits

Social Web Audits listen to what is being said and written across traditional publishers and on social sites. Monitoring competitors gives insight on what their business is up to, what they are promoting, and who their customers are.

Social Web Audits - Pricing

Social Web Audits are an integral part of our Custom-Research and can be performed on a fixed price basis

Social Web Audits in Real-time

Sembassy Real Time Monitoring delivers updates about any individuals, product or company mentioned on the real time web. Powerful filters and search functions allow us to monitor and target your audience as individuals and deliver with precision.

We monitor what people are talking about within your community and the whole of Twitter by searching for a hashtag, keyword or URL. You can use this as a way of targeting specific users which can then be followed or added to a list where their tweets can be monitored. You also have the option to view detailed stats about these users such as the languages they speak, their level of influence and their interests. If you choose to target and engage with these users you can also create a Best Time to Tweet report to make sure your tweets reach the maximum audience.


Hashtags can be monitored to find people talking about something related to your industry who may be interested in your business e.g. people tweeting #mobile living in Berlin. These users can then be added to a list and engaged with ect. Using popular hashtags in your tweets can increase your reach so it is useful to be able to see if your target audience are using them. Hashtags can also be used to find people tweeting about an event you are hosting or going to allowing you to interact with them beforehand.


Similarly to hashtags we can also monitor who has been tweeting a specific word or phrase e.g. your brand name, the name of one of your products or one of your competitor’s names and use this as a way of finding users to engage with. You have the option to perform a geolocated search to find users nearby tweeting about a certain subject.


We can also show you users who are talking about or showing an interest in a URL, for example a news story related to your industry or those users who are sharing your content e.g. blog articles. Again these users can then be targeted by you.