Content Marketing

Content Marketing Is available as Done For You Service an integral part of Sembassy´s Implementation Roadmap to help Tech Firms enter the European Market

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Content marketing builds authority among your local target audience and ensures your local target audience discovers your content. We produce compelling localized content in form of reports and white papers to show your company’s expertise and generate leads by sending this content directly to potential customers’ inboxes easily and make it easy for potential customers to share with their colleagues and post on social media.

Content Marketing use cases

  • 1

    Lead Generation

    Content is used to drive traffic to your website as well as capture leads through forms.

  • 2

    Lead Nurturing

    As a lead develops, you must have content that educates and informs in order to develop a robust lead nurturing program

  • 3

    Lead Scoring

    Lead scoring should be based on how a prospect interacts with the content on your website and through nurturing campaigns.

  • 4

    Risk Mitigation

    Content marketing develops trust by providing the buyer with information that will help them make the right decision. This allows them to reduce both organizational and personal risk.


Reports and WhitePapers

We produce compelling white papers to show your company’s expertise and exponentially expand your reach and establish a brand voice.



We create visual, viral infographics to reach new audiences and exponentially expand your reach and establish a brand voice.


Blog Posts

We produce compelling localized blog posts to show your company’s expertise and exponentially expand your reach and establish a brand voice.



We produce compelling localized webinars to drive engagement with interactive content and keep your brand top-of-mind.

Content Marketing benefits

  • We establish thought leadership
  • You become an expert in your selected field and build local loyalty
  • You reach potential customers before, during, and after trigger events
  • You gain access to a pipeline of local leads that have shown dedication to your area of interest
  • We drive press attention and create opportunities for syndication with partners
  • We produce evergreen content and extend your reach and see leads generated for months after the original post date. We build community We establish your credibility as a brand that educates potential customers and audiences interested in your area of expertise

Content Marketing value

  • You gain share of voice on social media channels
  • We drown out the noise by creating impactful, entertaining, and informative content.
  • We strengthen your brand’s visual identity
  • We create easily-digestible, high-value research that reinforces your brand standards
  • We turn customers into advocates and arm them with this highly shareable content type

Content Marketing focus

Our content marketing focuses on the needs and pains of your potential customers. We are discussing how to deal with these challenges without pushing your products and services. The preferred formats are white papers, infographics, blog posts, and tutorial videos.

Following a standard outline of challenge, solution, and results, our marketing copywriters will craft a case study for publishing on your corporate website, blog, or media room. Approximately 700 words. Optimized with priority keywords and written with buyer personas’ key needs in mind. Additional fees apply for graphic design and strategic planning if you plan to use case studies in print or PDF form as sales support. Average turnaround: 12 business days.

Three Step Content Marketing Process

  • 1

    Local target audience profile and strategy

    We build a local target audience profile and strategy how you'd like to reach them.

  • 2

    Craft custom content

    We craft custom content that will build authority among your local target audience.

  • 3


    We use multiple channels to ensure your local target audience discovers your content.