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hidden cost of poor preparation


Are You Ready To Meet The Target Market Requirements The readiness assessment is key to ensure project success, adequacy, and training of the personnel, and supply and reserve...

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public cam

Competitive Monitoring

Why competitive monitoring matters The term competitive monitoring is often viewed as synonymous with competitor analysis, but competitive monitoring embraces the entire...

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Market Entry Barriers

People, as well as organizations, don´t like to change the way how and with whom they do business. Especially, they hate to deal with foreigners under new terms and...

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The Black Swan

The Black Swan – High-Impact and Hard-to-Predict The Black Swan event is a high-impact, hard-to-predict and rare event that is beyond the realm of normal expectations in...

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briefing meeting

Effective Briefing

This guide to effective briefing follows the principles of an industry guideline for marketing professionals, written and published by the Professional Charter and Codes of...

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Idea Checklist

The Idea Checklist is an analysis based on 8 critical questions to validate the time until an idea gets traction. We use the Idea Checklist to challenge the overall potential...

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