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This is my invitation for a casual but powerful one to one meeting. I will share feedback and recommendations. Get valuable insights and find powerful on demand services.

Feel free to turn this into a power session and use the following form to brief me about your mission. Based on this heads-up information I could immediately provide you with best practices and recommendations.

/ No strings attached!

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The Challenge

As you can read from sources like CBInsights, more than 80% of the Startups fail in Germany. If they are burning your own money and not only playing around with OPM (other people´s money) you don´t want to be in among these guys.

Hidden cost of poor planning

The Iceberg example shows hidden cost of preparation

There´s little sense in kicking off operations without preparation. Correcting a poor go-to-market setup will cost a fortune compared to the efforts to find and address the important questions right from the beginning. Based on our learnings, we give you the insights and support to get things right from the start.