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Frequently Asked Questions

About sembassy, what we do, and how to work with us. You will find the most common Questions and Answers below and please contact us with any request for information through the contact form.

What can we do for you?

Sembassy can improve your planning by giving you the necessary market research and consulting and ease your go to market by offering you market presence and content marketing plus sales initiatives as done-for-you services.

How do we do that?

Growing a business in Europe requires access to best in class go-to market services and knowing, when and how to use these services in the European Union.

Who is it good for?

Our services are ideal for an international entrepreneur or investor. Your headquarter might be based in Canada, China, Japan, or the United States. Sembassy can make you perfectly familiar with the European Union and get your business started in Germany. (Click to read about Doing Business in Germany).

What is our business model?

Custom Market research is available on a fixed price basis > Packages

Immediate Presence is priced on a retainer & success fee > Implementation Roadmap

We allocate 50% of the invoiced retainer in performance media to establish a solid funnel and transparent performance tracking. Think of this as “managed accounts” with local media. Full Service Mindmap

Where To Start

Custom Research

Sembassy´s Custom research gives you critical insights to understand and beat your local competition in Europe.

Custom Research


Our Implementation Roadmap outlines a powerful, structured approach with optional exit gateways.


How does it pay to work with us?

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. So do enterprises that rush into Germany without diligent preparation. You don´t want to be among the 80%!

You want to invest as little as necessary but as much as needed – and we will help you to find this sweet spot.

How does Sembassy compare to other alternatives

If your business can´t be run globally on an app store and some smart media buys, you need to familiarize yourself with markets, that come with different cultures and buying patterns. Europe – or better the European Union comes with massive buying power but 28 (maybe soon 27) countries and you shouldn´t rely on the idea, that the most familiar nationality is still the ideal entry point.

So, how to find out, what´s going on? Here are common ways, to find out:

  1. Send a team and build operations from the scratch.
  2. Buy a company, that comes with a team, customers, and processes.
  3. Hire a full time expert, who is willing to build and run the organization.
  4. Contract an independent party to plan, build, and run the show.

Fair enough to mention, that trade agencies and tax advisors are a great source of inspiration and great advisors. But they probably won´t do the local sales job for you.

Painless start

Our lean organization allows us to start small but provide scale. And finally, both parties can remain independent. We use our expert network and automated software services to …

  1. advise on local market and sales strategy
  2. provide dedicated online & offline research
  3. provide content marketing services
  4. operate under your brand´s identity

Download the Readiness Checklist

Checklist - PDF Download

How can we support your market Intelligence?

We run social audits (traditional www, FB, and twitter)

We run offline research at any Point of Sales & Interest

How can we support your sales initiatives?

Together with our partners we identify leads, ask for an introductory meeting, follow up repeatedly and schedule the meeting, gather intelligence about demand, supply, competition and finally provide feedback to marketing & product development

How does a relationship with us look like?

Our main focus is our custom research and business development but we are connecting selected clients to a suite of go to market services.

If you would like to know more, please don´t hesitate to get in touch with us

How can we support your content marketing?

Together with our partners we

  1. produce localized content
  2. message local media & analysts
  3. communicate with influencers

How we support your local market presence?

  1. Through our legal entity up and running, we immediately act as agent, reseller.
  2. Through our C-level network we immediately gather local feedback about buying intent.
  3. Through our expert network we immediately gather feedback about technical readiness.
  4. Through our students network we immediately use the power of local service-communities

Download the Guide to Market Sizing

Sizing - PDF Download

Other help categories

Where can I find Sales Terms & Definitions?

Click here for a brief definition of commonly used Sales Terms

Which sales books do we recommend?

There is a number of great brooks about innovation, sales and content marketing. Here is a selection for you. 

Which go-to-market template do we prefer?

“Planning and Implementation” of internationalization” – how to keep processes lean and budgets minmal but still covering requirements … read the article

Which barriers to adoption do we have to expect?

Hurdles to expect, when launching a conecpt in a new market… read the article

How important is readiness?

You can check the thoroughness of the so-far planning, adequacy and training of the personnel. Try our Readiness Check

How can we plan the unforeseeable?

The “Black Swan” phenomenon and what we can learn when looking at new markets … read the article

How can we use social networks and automation?

“Social Customer Service” and what it means to scalable customer feedback channels … read the article


Where will I find information about the European Union?

You can find information about the European Union – here 


Where will I find information about Germany?

You can find information about Germany – here 

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