RadioOpt is 2016 the leading specialist for crowd-sourced mobile customer experience measurement. Data is crowd-sourced by users of the Traffic-Monitor application, downloaded over 3 million times, which constantly monitors the coverage and performance of their mobile connection. In addition, RadioOpt empowers millions of customers via operator branded applications, collecting and computing more than 70 billion data records each month.

RadioOpt´s solution is fully audited under German data privacy law and named the gold standard for data privacy by clients. RadioOpt uses this data to help network operators to understand the experienced quality of mobile networks, by offering unbiased coverage maps and empowering company departments with the information and tools they need to serve their customers better. Since 2008 the company develops innovative, tailor-made enterprise software solutions for quality measurements in mobile and Wi-Fi Communication Networks. RadioOpt’s apps are measuring the network quality in more than 200 countries and 700 networks worldwide.


Role: 2015/6 – RadioOpt – Managing Director, Strategy & Company Sale

RadioOpt was acquired/integrated by Vodafone Group in October 2016.

LTE 2015- Worldsummit