First, let´s assume, that the 50 most common questions stand for 80% of the service requests. Second, let´s assume that answering these requests don’t harm any of your intellectual property.   Third, data indicates that among consumers who have used social media for customer service, the most common reason for doing so was to seek an instant response from a company about a service issue (50%).

Now, we have an opportunity to save costs and better communicate your service.

The chatbot opportunity

What exactly is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a smart online identity that communicates with a company or a person digitally on your behalf, usually via text or messaging apps. As a chatbot can turn anything you want into a conversation. You can continue to do what you love doing while your bot interacts with the world like you! Depending on how much you tell your chat bot about yourself, the closer it will be to being your digital twin.

How to use a chatbot?

Bots are a quick and easy solution to the app clutter problem, allowing a comfortable customer experience that’s intuitive and immediate. There is no learning curve, and no advanced skills are required — just simple conversation. What seems like a shift in perception now is just going back to the basics. With a smartphone in everyone’s pocket, texting is almost second nature.

Customer service and Branding for business

Chatbots are a quick and easy solution to the app clutter problem, allowing a comfortable customer experience that’s intuitive and immediate. There is no advanced skills are required — just simple conversation. Bots make it seem like you’re talking to a friend.

Dilbert- Automation is Monkey Business

Monkey business

Chatbots can assist businesses by automating aspects of interactions and by analysing customers’ conversations with human agents to speedily surface relevant information that can create a more seamless experience. Chatbots are augmenting the customer service manager, rather than replacing them.

If you called a service agency, the interaction would be completely human-to-human, with the chatbot on the back-end aggregating data and processing the conversation, and then suggesting appropriate responses using predictive analytics to provide the agent with correct answers. The customer success agent gives it the green light, and it’s sent through to the customer.

Implementing chatbots addresses, that customers are interacting with a human agent, who can ensure the appropriate action is being offered while providing an element of empathy. Plus, the customer service role is being made more efficient with the help of data-driven and automated suggested responses.

Chatbots and the beauty of super-distribution

Comments to other people’s blog posts and contacting individuals through email, instant messenger, and social media requires the production of situational and contextual content. Proposals and contracts are typically both situational and contextual.

Our favorite use cases for automatization

Get More Sales Meetings

  1. Enable your Sales Team to book more meetings and fill their calendars without the back and forth.
  2. Book a Qualified Meeting via chatbot. Spend time with only your best leads by qualifying them with the chatbot before they book a meeting.
  3. Book a Pre-Qualified Meeting via chatbot. Using the IP address of your visitor, know who’s a good fit and only book meetings with your best leads.

Get More Leads

  1. Whether you need more leads or better leads, each playbook is tailored to connecting you to the right prospects.
  2. Have More Qualified Conversations via chatbot. Let the chatbot qualify and surface your best leads for you.
  3. Pre-Qualify Anonymous Leads. Using the IP address of your visitor, know who is going to be a good fit before they even start talking to you and qualify them further with a chatbot.

Engage Your Visitors

  1. Greet your visitors and show them targeted messages based on who they are. Run promotions, nurture repeat visitors, drive paid traffic, and more.
  2. Have Sales Conversations On Your Pricing Page. Use a playbook to engage visitors on your pricing page during business hours and have more real time sales conversations.
  3. Drive Traffic with a Targeted Message On Your Homepage. You’re already driving traffic to your website. Use a playbook to make the most of it by showing a targeted message to drive engagement.
  4. Run a Promotion with a Full-Screen Takeover. Drive more engagement on your site and run a promotion to get the attention of visitors by announcing a promotion on your homepage with a playbook

Send updates, nurture leads, and keep prospects in the loop by sending emails.

  1. Send A One-Time Email.  Get your message out to a segment of people with a one-time email blast.
  2. Send An Automated Email. Automatically email your leads when they take a certain action so you reach them at the perfect time using dynamic segments.

Chatbots in a nutshell: Instantly solve a problem to get referrals