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Competitive Monitoring gathers data from corporate websites, press releases, data bases, social networks and communities to improve your Marketing, Sales and Support.

Competitive monitoring is more than watching mentions and comments pour in via your social profiles, mobile apps or blogs. If you’re only paying attention to notifications, you’re missing a huge group of people that are talking about you, your brand and your product

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  • What is a Monitoring Program
  • How to conduct an initiative?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Use Cases

1. Social Networks like Linkedin and Xing2. Facebook, Google, Twitter enhanced Search3. Professional Investment Communities4. Premium Research - Forrester, Gartner, Business Insider5. One to One Expert Interviews

We usually provide you with the local company profiles, key stakeholders, buying centers and buying patterns and much more. It includes a customized on-boarding, executive introductions, deep dives for a defined list of competitors and their product solutions. The typical format is a series of web-based coaching sessions (one to one or one to many) and can be delivered in your preferred time zone.

  • Idea Checklist

    The Idea Checklist is an analysis based on 8 critical questions to validate the time until an idea g

25 Ways To Improve your Marketing, Sales and Support:
1. Monitor Mentions of Your Brand2. Save All Tweets From an Event or Promotion3. Gather Customer Testimonial4. Say 'Thanks' by Favoriting Tweets5. Filter Out Competitor Tweets6. Monitor Sentiment About a Competitor7. See News Stories Shared About Your Brand8. Identify Influencers Tweeting Your Content9. Find Journalists Tweeting Your Content10. Get Blog Post Ideas11. Find Videos Related to a Topic12. Find Truly Popular Tweets on a Topic13. See Your Most Popular Tweets14. Get Real-Time Alerts Sent to Email, Text, Chat App and More15. Create an RSS Feed of Results16. Reach Out to Potential Customers17. Thank People Sharing Content from Your Company18. Reply to People Sharing News About Your Brand19. Engage on a Topic of Your Choice with Who You Follow20. Conduct Market Research21. Provide Answers to 'Can anyone recommend?'22. Build a Twitter List of Potential Customers23. Answer Customer Support Inquiries24. Conduct Proactive Support25. Identify Happy and Unhappy Customers