Shift to mobile – What to do to harness the opportunity?

Time Wrist Cover

Shift to mobile and merchandise for mobile On a desktop or laptop, consumers might enjoy browsing through 500 available items – but on a smartphone, they’re filling spare moments in small intervals of time. They need a site that shows them what they want right away; and if you do, they’re much more likely to…

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Publisher Solutions at Digital Innovators Summit

Axel Hoehnke - MicrosoftPublisher Solutions - Innovator Summit

Microsoft Publisher Solutions help publishers have more ways of increasing revenue 1. Maximize Value of Premium Inventory 5. Increase Overall Efficiency in Ad Sales & Delivery 2. Increase Sell-through of Premium Inventory CPM Premium Sales Revenue 4. Expand Total Impressions 3. Optimize Yield on Available to Sell Discretionary Inventory Discretionary Sales Revenue Volume of Impressions

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