Fintechs and Financial Institutions need to adapt to succeed

Startups and enterprises

In order for collaboration between Fintechs and Financial Institutions to succeed, both parties need to adapt.  In many narratives, the blame for cultural clashes is put on Financial Institutions for being unwilling to adopt newer ways of working. And it’s true that most Financial Institutions have work to do in updating processes to enable more…

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The Starfish and the Spider – Role model for distributed companies

role model for distributed companies

The Starfish and the Spider contrasts decentralized to centralized organizations, such as Encyclopedia Britannica, using compendia of knowledge as examples. The spider and starfish analogy refers to the biological nature of the organisms, starfish having a decentralized neural structure permitting regeneration.

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Barriers to Adoption and how to deal with them

Barriers To Adoption when going to market

The “Fair Process” concept is key to overcome barriers to adoption. When the fair process is exercised in the strategy formulation phase, people trust that a level playing field exists, inspiring voluntary cooperation during the execution phase. For a decision process to be seen as fair, the people affected must have the opportunity to give input and possibly to influence the decision, and the decision process and rationale must be transparent and clear.

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