Advisory Services

Advisory Services give you an immediate market presence in Germany and the insights to grow faster

I help clients to build new operations in Germany by assisting in problem discovery and advising you on where to find helpful marketing and pr resources. My track record covers 20 years with global leaders like Bertelsmann, Mars, Microsoft, Smaato, Thomson, Vodafone among others.

The problem I solve

  • Failure due to expectations based on home market experiences
  • Costly Distraction for senior management in your headquarter.
  • Closing business from outside rarely works

How I solve it

  • Local Target Market Research
  • Local SEO & Premium Content
  • Local Business Development & Sales
  • Knowledge Transfer

Management needs to know

  • How to understand or anticipate local supply, demand and competition?
  • Whom to partner with in the target region and when to scale the business?
  • When and how to go to market in each country of the European Union?

Investors needs to know

  • Which local company should be your next acquisition?
  • What’s the next big local initiative you should position yourselves in?
  • What are your local competitors up to and what is likely their next move?

Trigger events

  • Startups get funding for aggressive growth
  • They need to enter new markets quickly
  • They don´t have an existing organization
  • They don´t know the hidden agendas
  • They don´t know cultural traps

My delivery

  • How to get started in Europe
  • How to monitor local competition
  • How to win bridgehead customers
  • How to win bridgehead partners
  • How to streamline processes w. headquarter

Module: Target Market Research

Better insights will help you to tackle your key initiatives, save money with smarter partnering, keep up with the latest innovations and achieve better business results in your target market.

Use-Case: Market Sizing

Market Sizing quantifies the financial potential of your business. While a very small market may not be worth pursuing, it may be difficult to gain traction in a gigantic market.

About: Market Sizing

Use-Case: PoS-Audits

Point of Sales Intelligence lets you see things through the user´s eyes. The community checks any PoS, using their smartphones to provide us with geo tagged, time stamped photos.

Case study:

Module: Local Content Marketing

We produce compelling localized content in form of reports and white papers to show your company’s expertise and generate leads in Europe / the German-speaking countries by sending this content directly to potential customers’ inboxes easily and make it easy for potential customers to share with their colleagues and post on social media.

Reports and WhitePapers

We produce compelling white papers to show your company’s expertise and exponentially expand your reach and establish a brand voice.


We create visual, viral infographics to reach new audiences and exponentially expand your reach and establish a brand voice.

Blog Posts

We produce compelling localized blog posts to show your company’s expertise and exponentially expand your reach and establish a brand voice.


We produce compelling localized webinars to drive engagement with interactive content and keep your brand top-of-mind.

Module: Local Sales


Bootcamps are workshops to jumpstart your go to market initiatives and an integral part of our sales initiatives

Market intelligence

Competitive Monitoring as a done-for-you service. We leverage paid research, realtime analytics, and 4000 professional business contacts.

Media and analyst program

Our media & analyst program promotes clients and makes them seem as successful, honest, important, exciting or relevant as possible.

Direct marketing program

Our direct marketing program gives you precise information about local customers that enable you to provide additional value through new targeted products and services.

Module: Local Office

Our past experience will save you time and help you avoid mistakes. Check endorsements from industry leaders - among them are top executives from Google, Microsoft, and Cisco as well as entrepreneurs and Venture Capital firms across the globe.

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