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Sembassy provides business development services to international companies, that want to bring their business to Europe, esp. Germany. Think of it as “European Sales embassy for your business”

Sembassy Sales embassy for mobile business

Which problem does Sembassy solve?

Sembassy is best for a global tech company who is rapidly expanding business activity in Europe, exploring M&A as well as corporate development options to accelerate growth. We help these companies to implement their sales & partnering strategy and acquire a customer base without painful learning mistakes.

  1. Understand their local target markets: buy side, sell side, local competition.
  2. Scope expansion products and acquire bridgehead customers and partners.
  3. Understand the true requirements before investing in corporate infrastructure.

Without additional corporate infrastructure you get access to local customers & partners.

  1. Painless launch process. Our implementation roadmap is built on learnings with clients since 2002.
  2. We are trained to identify the true market structure and drivers for success or failure.
  3. No upfront cost. Our initiatives are performance driven and subject to kpi reporting
  4. On the upside, we will support a smooth transition to your preferred corporate development infrastructure once the market has fully picked up your offering.  
  1. You start your business with local insights
    According to Bloomberg, 80% of European go-to-market engagements fail. Associated costs range from a few hundred thousand dollars to a few million dollars. We will follow a solid go-to market preparation and implementation process keep the processes as lean as possible but collect insight needed to get the job done.
  2. You accelerate growth based on hard facts
    Gathering the necessary insights in the first phase, we have a precise understanding of the local market structure, it´s true potential, key actors on the buy side and sell side.
  3. You still have all options and we have the solutions
    We give you an immediate local market presence, but offer our services as an independent contractor. You may scale or pivot your business model or integrate our project into a larger context. Sembassy will provide diligent support to build up your corporate sales infrastructure.
  • 1

    Custom Research

    We research any topic, discussed on the web and any product, exposed in retail spaces

  • 2

    Content Marketing

    We build authority among your local target audience and ensure your local target audience discovers your content.

  • 3

    Sales Initiatives

    We promote you within your local target communities to make your products or services seem as relevant as possible

  • 4

    Market Presence

    We open our infrastructure and networks to shorten your time to market and risk of failure


Reasons for working with Sembassy

  1. To get started in Europe
    You haven´t your identified your distribution strategy and want to avoid common mistakes.
  2. To get re-started in Europe
    You’ve been testing for some business in Europe but have run out of ideas.
  3. To get structured in Europe
    You’ve got some business here, but results are disappointing; you need to get a serious program with a structured approach.

Sembassy - Use Cases

  1. A company wants to spin off a service in Europe
  2. A software startup received funding for expansion
  3. An investor wants to understand the EU market before acquiring a company

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100+ endorsements from industry leaders on LinkedIn. Among them are top executives from Google, Microsoft, and Blackberry as well as entrepreneurs across the globe.

  • Rainer M. Giersch, Director Business Development Europe Rainer M. Giersch, Director Business Development Europe Government of British Columbia
    Axel has an amazing ability to link Mobile Innovation, Social Network Dynamics and their impact on international trade and investment. He is able to connect with and energize an audience, no matter how varied the group may be. At a recent conference that I organized he captured a crowd of media, tech, and online professionals with a presentation on Mobile Monday and its importance on driving innovation and cooperation between mobile developers, international technology companies and other relevant stakeholders. Great to see someone actually living the idea of Global Mobile Business Development October 15, 2012
  • Rob Friedman, Founder and EVP Rob Friedman, Founder and EVP Digital Element at Digital Envoy
    Axel's company, Sembassy, has worked with Digital Envoy for several years. Axel is very hard working and results driven, and is always focused on providing top notch service to Sembassy's customers. He has proven to be a valuable resource for our company. / July 31, 2006
  • Harald Neidhardt, Founder & Curator Harald Neidhardt, Founder & Curator MLOVE – Mentor & Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur
    Axel is one of those few folks who understands both what the business needs and how the technology needs to support the business. His command of the digital media space, from both technical and business dimensions is truly impressive. And, he's a great human being and a pleasure to work with!
  • Mathias, P Engelke, CEO Mathias, P Engelke, CEO blau Mobilfunk, part of Telefonica Germany
    Blau (formerly is the premium brand of the Hamburg based company blau Mobilfunk GmbH and part of Telefonica Germany. Blau offers award winning voice and data services that are sold in more than 30.000 retail outlets. This makes blau the widest available mobile service provider in Germany. Our success relies on our ability to efficiently steer activities in physical retail. Sembassy´s retail monitoring helps us to survey and control our retail activities countrywide in real-time. Ongoing monitoring of our own brand presence helps us to avoid out-of-stocks, check pricing, promotions and positioning. In addition to that the Sembassy monitoring provides us immediately with crucial information like pricing and promotion from the most relevant competitors. We are delighted about Sembassy´s innovative approach and professional proactive client support.
  • Andreas Cohen, Chairman Andreas Cohen, Chairman I-COM Global
    Axel is an expert in the German retail business with profound insight and excellent contacts. We appreciated his professionalism and go-getter spirit. July 26, 2007
  • Thomas Gronbach, Director Marketing EMEA Thomas Gronbach, Director Marketing EMEA Keynote Systems
    Enterprise Goes Mobile" is an event series reflecting mobile as a resilient, unbreakable component in enterprise business process. It needed a keynote-speaker for its stop in #munichmt. @axelhoehnke combined all requirements for this engagement: mobile leadership, educating decision makers and addressing the mobile developer community. As the event revealed, Axel's keynote-speech was overwhelmingly positive received and trusted among the Central European enterprise mobile community. His long standing experience propels the mobile message to enterprises who then understand that the future of their business cannot circumvent the mobile paradigm. It needed the participation of a thought leader like Axel to make this event successful. I hope my recommendation is as thorough and diligent as Axel's preparation and guidance before the event and his presence at the event. May 25, 2013
  • Marcus S Tan, Managing Director - APAC Marcus S Tan, Managing Director - APAC Smaato Inc
    As VP Strategy and Business Development at Smaato, Axel was a tireless advocate for new approaches to both mobile business and branding. A compelling combination of energy and ideas, his work used psychology to understand organizational behavior and creativity to change it. I’m happy to recommend Axel; he’s an exciting person to be around. Axel presented to the key participants at some Online & Mobile Conferences in Singapore and obtained good reviews for his expertise in mobile advertising, his level of energy and how he challenged the participants in a positive, thought provoking and innovative manner. The title of the presentation was, "Mobile Innovation is changing Media and Offline Industries" October 15, 2012
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  • Markus Zuern, SVP Markus Zuern, SVP e-device
    Axel has a very thorough knowledge of the German market. I was very impressed by his lucid and straight forward thinking business approach. great fun to work with ! August 8, 2006
  • Nils Winkler, CEO and Chairman of the Board Nils Winkler, CEO and Chairman of the Board Yapital, part of the Otto Group
    I know Axel for many years. Axel has both incredible industry vision and the ability to execute on this vision. He also poses the ability to open doors and quickly make key connections. – I highly recommend him for his professional and personal skills. Further, he is a very pleasant and reliable person to work with - I appreciate him on both levels. December, 2014
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Meet Sembassy

Sembassy GmbH

Fritz Reuter Strasse 36

Germany, 22926 Hamburg / Ahrensburg

Axel Hoehnke

Axel is Managing Partner with Sembassy. He has held management positions with Atlas, Microsoft, Elisa Group, Smaato and global brands like Mars, Bertelsmann, and Thomson.

Axel has counselled businesses from Israel, UK, US, and Scandinavia, enabling them to identify opportunities through the explosive growth of mobile phones and mobile services

Axel´s sector expertise is Digital Platforms & Services in Advertising, Finance and Retail. He has been in the Mobile Industry since 1999 and working with targeting specialists since 2002. As co-founder of the MobileMonday network, he has co-hosted or attended 100+ events as a speaker.

  • Interim management, board & advisory positions
  • Go-to-market strategies for North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Corporate development including investment, M&A, and strategic partnering
  • Understanding innovative enabling technologies and helping product definition
  • Hiring leadership talent and building product marketing & engineering teams

2015/6 - RadioOpt - Managing Director, Strategy & Company Sale

2008-15 - MobileMonday Germany - Co-Founder & Board Member

2012-15 - XING - Industry Ambassador - Mobile & Telecommunications

2014 - Yapital - Interim CPO - Teams in Hamburg, Kiev and Luxemburg

2011/2 - Smaato - VP Strategy & New Business - APAC, Americas, and EMEA

2010/11 - Hiogi, Service Community - Interim CEO, Repositioning, Company Sale

2008/09 - Microsoft, Publisher Suite: AtlasSolutions, Rapt (Yield Management), Screen Tonic (Mobile Advertising) Vibe (Behavioral Targeting) and Massive (In-Game Advertising) technology

2007/08 - Spin3 - Mobile Gaming / Gambling, Go-to-market strategy, Germany

2002/07 - DigitalEnvoy, IP Intelligence, Go-to-market strategy and execution DACH

2000/01 - Elisa Group. Finland’s largest Telco and City-Carrier investor in Germany. Head of Electronic and Mobile-Business Unit Elisa Germany

1998/99 - THOMSON, Sales Director Capital Chains, Consumer Electronics, THOMSON, Saba, and Telefunken

1994-98 - Premiere / SkyTV

1992-94 - Mars Masterfoods

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