Digital Envoy – IP Intelligence

Role: Partner German Speaking Markets, 2002 -2007

Digital Envoy, Inc. is the parent company of Digital Element and Digital Resolve, whose primary product is NetAcuity IP location service.

Digital Envoy, through its Digital Element business unit, is the main supplier of IP targeting technology to the online advertising industry. According to AdOps Insider, “practically speaking, most of the advertising industry relies on a small company called Digital Envoy” for IP address geolocation of advertisements.

With distinct operating units for well-defined target markets, the company will deliver and develop reliable, effective solutions that bring value to online entities with respect to managing customer interactions, relationships, and risks.

Axel’s company, Sembassy, has worked with Digital Envoy for several years. Axel is very hard working and results driven, and is always focused on providing top notch service to Sembassy’s customers. He has proven to be a valuable resource for our company.

Reference: Rob Friedman, Founder and EVP