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Market Entry into Europe

In recent years, many US-based companies have been trying to establish their European subsidiaries in Germany. All of the companies have experienced the challenges that come with the territory when entering a foreign market, which has its own market dynamic, culture and customer expectations. Extensive interviews have confirmed that most of the companies who have failed were lacking a full understanding of the management team to support this very complex task of establishing successful offices in a global environment.

Why many U.S. companies struggle

  • Expectations based on home market experience
  • Distraction for senior management due to travel
  • Time wasted on non-sales related activities
  • Employment / social costs or liabilities

How sembassy can help U.S. companies

  • Strategic advice - consulting & research
  • Acquisition of bridgehead customer base
  • Local marketing & promotion
  • Virtual sales office

Use Cases

Professional Services to accelerate your Market Entry into Europe

Market Entry into Europe

A default blueprint for discussion purposes

Indicative timeline: 24 months in total

1a. Proof
1b. First Sales
2. Penetration
3. Consolidation
4. Transition

1a. Proof

Indicative timeline: month 1

  • Is there a need for your solution in Europe?
  • The size of the European market for your solution?
  • Which vertical markets and sub-markets?
  • Sales strategy – Direct, Indirect?
  • What is the competition?
  • Is your timing right?

1b. First Sales

months 1-8 / overlap with proof

Business Development

  • Outbound selling to customer and re-seller prospects using your corporate identity
  • Build sales pipeline - Focus on early wins and build local references
  • Recruit & manage key partners

Market Presence

  • Virtual Office
  • Active Media and Analyst Programme
  • Active Direct Marketing Programme

2. Penetration

Indicative timeline: months 8-18

Business Development

  • Develop sales capability to meet growing demand
  • Maintain high level of sales activity

Market Presence

  • Gear up marketing activity to support high growth
  • Communicate messages for evolving mainstream market
  • Focus on sales lead generation to maintain momentum
  • (when appropriate) Establish local Company & Offices

3. Consolidation

Indicative timeline: months 18-24

Business Development

  • Maintain Momentum of Sales Activity

Market Presence

  • Conduct an unrushed search for the best leader for your German activities
  • Find the candidates who will bring expertise, drive, and industry attention to your firm

4. Transition

part of consolidation ( month)

New Opportunity Analysis

  • Plan market entry for new product/solution.
  • Ensures focus on revenue generation of existing product is maintained.

Handover to new Management

  • Marketing & Message Management
  • Sales & Revenue Development

Client Benefits / ROI

  • You go-to-market in with local market intelligence
  • Your own virtual subsidiary is instantly open for business
  • Your market-entry is supported through friendly sales channels
  • You develop & roadmap localized products outside in

Faster sales

  • Local insights powered go-to-market process
  • No time wasted due to non-sales related tasks
  • You accelerate your growth via strategic partnerships

Less Risk

  • Minimal financial & legal exposure, controlled monthly outlay
  • No employment liabilities, no statutory reporting requirements

Clients & Industry Focus

As co-founder of the global MobileMonday network, we are connecting mobility enthusiasts in 70 countries. We have hosted 90+ events and conferences in Germany, connecting corporate entities, startup founders, developers, and those wanting to learn about innovative solutions shaping the future of mobile technology.

We are in digital since 1994 - in mobile since 1999 and started working with targeting specialists in 2002. Clients among others were Digital Envoy, Accipiter, Atlas, Rapt, Microsoft Advertising, Smaato.

Let´s discuss a Reference Project


100+ endorsements and recommendations from industry leaders on LinkedIn and XING. Among them top executives from Google, Microsoft, Blackberry as well as entrepreneurs across the globe.

Rainer M. Giersch, Director Business Development Europe Rainer M. Giersch, Director Business Development Europe, Government of British Columbia

Axel has an amazing ability to link Mobile Innovation, Social Network Dynamics and their impact on international trade and investment. He is able to connect with and energize an audience, no matter how varied the group may be. At a recent conference that I organized he captured a crowd of media, tech, and online professionals with a presentation on Mobile Monday and its importance on driving innovation and cooperation between mobile developers, international technology companies and other relevant stakeholders. Great to see someone actually living the idea of Global Mobile Business Development

October 15, 2012

Rob Friedman, Founder and EVP Rob Friedman, Founder and EVP, Digital Element at Digital Envoy

Axel's company, Sembassy, has worked with Digital Envoy for several years. Axel is very hard working and results driven, and is always focused on providing top notch service to Sembassy's customers. He has proven to be a valuable resource for our company.

July 31, 2006

Harald Neidhardt, Founder & Curator at MLOVE – Mentor & Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur Harald Neidhardt, Founder & Curator at MLOVE – Mentor & Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur, MLOVE

Axel is one of those few folks who understands both what the business needs and how the technology needs to support the business. His command of the digital media space, from both technical and business dimensions is truly impressive. And, he's a great human being and a pleasure to work with!

October 9, 2012

Nils Winkler, CEO and Chairman of the Board Nils Winkler, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Yapital, part of OTTO Group

I know Axel for many years. Axel has both incredible industry vision and the ability to execute on this vision. He also poses the ability to open doors and quickly make key connections. – I highly recommend him for his professional and personal skills. Further, he is a very pleasant and reliable person to work with - I appreciate him on both levels.

January 12, 2015

Thomas Gronbach, Director Marketing EMEA Thomas Gronbach, Director Marketing EMEA, Keynote Systems

"Enterprise Goes Mobile" is an event series reflecting mobile as a resilient, unbreakable component in enterprise business process. It needed a keynote-speaker for its stop in #munichmt. @axelhoehnke combined all requirements for this engagement: mobile leadership, educating decision makers and addressing the mobile developer community. As the event revealed, Axel's keynote-speech was overwhelmingly positive received and trusted among the Central European enterprise mobile community. His long standing experience propels the mobile message to enterprises who then understand that the future of their business cannot circumvent the mobile paradigm. It needed the participation of a thought leader like Axel to make this event successful. I hope my recommendation is as thorough and diligent as Axel's preparation and guidance before the event and his presence at the event.

May 25, 2013

Andreas Cohen, Chairman, I-COM Global Andreas Cohen, Chairman, I-COM Global, I-COM Global

Axel is an expert in the German retail business with profound insight and excellent contacts. We appreciated his professionalism and go-getter spirit.

July 26, 2007

Marcus S Tan, Managing Director - APAC Marcus S Tan, Managing Director - APAC, Smaato Inc

As VP Strategy and Business Development at Smaato, Axel was a tireless advocate for new approaches to both mobile business and branding. A compelling combination of energy and ideas, his work used psychology to understand organizational behavior and creativity to change it. I’m happy to recommend Axel; he’s an exciting person to be around. Axel presented to the key participants at some Online & Mobile Conferences in Singapore and obtained good reviews for his expertise in mobile advertising, his level of energy and how he challenged the participants in a positive, thought provoking and innovative manner. The title of the presentation was, "Mobile Innovation is changing Media and Offline Industries"

October 15, 2012

Markus Zuern, SVP Markus Zuern, SVP, e-device

Axel has a very thorough knowledge of the German market. I was very impressed by his lucid and straight forward thinking business approach. great fun to work with !

August 8, 2006

Axel Hoehnke

20+ years of international Sales and Marketing Management.  12+ years with mobile technology leaders like Atlas, MicrosoftElisa GroupSmaatoRadioOpt, and 8 years in traditional industries with global leaders like Mars, Premiere/SkyTV and Thomson Multimedia.

Axel is co-founder of MobileMonday and propels leaders to stay ahead of what will transform their business through hosting innovation events, speaking live at conferences, and facilitating senior executive brainstorms.

Recent Projects

2015/6 - RadioOpt, CSO,  QoS & QoE Measurements in Wireless Networks in 200+ countries

2006-15 - Co-Founder & Board Member MobileMonday Germany - Events & Conferences.

2012-15 - XING - Industry Ambassador - Mobile / Telecommunications

2014 - Interim CPO - Mobile Payment -  8 Product Owners, 4 Business Analysts, Patent Advisor, Test Teams, Consumer & Business Support Teams in Hamburg, Kiev and Luxemburg

2011-13 - Smaato - Ad Technology - VP Strategy & New Business - Publisher strategy definition and implementation in APAC, Americas, and EMEA

2010/11 - Mobile Search, Service Communities - Interim CEO, Repositioning,  Company Sale.

2009/10 - Improve/Pubmatic - Programmatic, AdTechnology, Go-to-market implementation Germany

2008/9 - Microsoft, Head of Atlas Publisher Solutions - Ad Technology e.g. Rapt (Yield Management), Screen Tonic (Mobile Advertising) Vibe (Behavioral Targeting) and Massive (In-Game Advertising) technology.

2007/8 - Mobile Gaming / Gambling, Go-to-market strategy, German speaking countries

2002-07 - DigitalEnvoy, Ad Tech, IP Intelligence, Go-to-market strategy execution German speaking countries

1992-02 - International Management positions with MarsPremiere / SkyTVThomson Multimedia and Elisa Group

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100+ endorsements and recommendations from industry leaders on LinkedIn. Among them top executives from Google, Microsoft, Blackberry as well as entrepreneurs across the globe