Sales Embassy

Sembassy helps US companies to Go–To–Market in Europe

Problems we solve

  • Go to markets fail, because expectations are based on US market experience
  • Distraction for senior management (travel …)
  • Time wasted on non-sales related activities

Sembassy offers

  • Strategic Advice
  • Interim Management
  • Local Marketing & Analytics
  • Workshops & Presentations
  • Virtual Sales Office

Your Benefits

  • Your German subsidiary is instantly open for business
  • You go-to-market with local market intelligence
  • You get all information you need without costs getting out of control

Return On Invest

  • Faster sales due to local insights, no cultural bias
  • More Control - Minimal financial & legal exposure
  • Less Cost - No statutory reporting requirements

Go To Market

We are living in your customers´ culture and timezone. We know, how to master the go-to-market hurdles in our home markets

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NABC method

The NABC method was developed by the Stanford Research Institute as a tool used for the development, assessment and presentation of ideas

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Beachhead Strategy

The beachhead refers to a number of customers in the new territory willing to support further market penetration as references

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Reference Case

Go To Market Implementation for Atlas / Microsoft

Focus: Mobile


We are the most meaningful think tank for mobile centered business with chapters in all tech hotspots across the globe.

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100+ endorsements and recommendations from industry leaders on LinkedIn. Among them top executives from Google, Microsoft, Blackberry as well as entrepreneurs across the globe.

"Sembassy, has worked with Digital Envoy for several years. … always focused on providing top notch service to Sembassy's customers. Axel has proven to be a valuable resource for our company"
-- Rob Friedman, Founder Digital Envoy – Digital Element 

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